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President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made a speech to the Nation after the Council of State annulled the decision of the Council of Ministers in 1934 to convert it from a mosque to a museum. President Erdogan announced the date that Hagia Sophia will be opened to worship and said, “We plan to complete the preparations quickly and open Hagia Sophia to worship on Friday, July 24, 2020, together with the Friday prayer.”

Bakirkoy District Police Department teams raided at night after allegedly gambling in a place operated as a cafe in Yesilkoy, in line with a report they received. A large amount of gambling material and a roulette table hidden in a secret compartment were seized during the raid. Fines were imposed on 20 people on the first and second floors of the cafe. 5 people were detained for gambling and resisting the police.

The Corrupted Gang movie draws attention with its cast and subject. Directed by Ali Ayyıldız, the film featuring actors such as Osman Sonant, Beyti Engin and Kadir Çöpdemir meets with the audience on TV. So, who are the Corrupted Gang movie actors? Here is detailed information about the movie The Corrupted Gang and its cast.

Germany is lifting the coronavirus measures it introduced in mid-March under certain conditions. All shops open, including shopping centers. League matches are starting again. With the ban on big concerts and festivals, only the social distance rule remains.

Adana Provincial Security Directorate Public Security Branch Directorate Moral Bureau Teams determined that gambling was played in 3 houses, 1 farm and 2 workplaces despite the coronavirus measures.

The house, which was converted into a casino in Amaya, was fined 55 thousand 650 TL in total, 13 people caught in the raid by the police.

In KÜTAHYA, an investigation was initiated against 14 people who were found to gamble in the old association building, which was raided by police teams, and a total fine of 44 thousand 100 liras was imposed on the grounds that they violated the ‘social distance’ rule.

In the operation organized by the gendarmerie teams, who received the notice of gambling in the wedding hall in Edremit district of Balıkesir, 16 people were fined a total of 70 thousand TL.

This colorful seaside city in the US state of New Jersey is famous for its huge amusement parks and casinos. Another feature is the 10-year crisis cycles: When the market comes alive, new restaurants, bars, hotels and casinos are opened one after another. Life stagnates when the country’s economy stumbles. If you have time left at amusement parks and restaurants, don’t forget to visit distillery houses producing boutique whiskey, oysters preparing surprises at happy hour, and the museum that reflects the story of African Americans.

Prince of Bahrain Ismail Hüseyin Akbar, who gambled in a hotel in Kyrenia, TRNC and earned $ 198,500, was robbed by his men, whom he commissioned to transfer his money. TRNC police caught one of the 3 Arab fraudsters at the border of the Greek Cypriot administration.

The movie Broad Family 2: All Kinds, which was released in 2016, is on TV. The cast and subject of the film, which is the continuation of the television series Wide Family, which Ömer Uğur sat in the director’s chair and was once broadcast on television screens, draws attention. Well, what is the plot of Broad Family 2: All Kinds of films, and who are the actors? Here is the information about the movie.

In TEKİRDAĞ, action was taken against 50 people who were caught in an operation against gamblers by removing the seals of the workplace previously sealed by the police and bringing customers from Istanbul.

The Apple Card, which Apple will announce to the world with new iPhone models in September, will be a great innovation for the company and its users. So what is Apple Card? What will it do? When will it enter our lives?

Europa Nostra, the leading institution in the preservation of Europe’s cultural heritage, and the European Investment Bank published their technical and financial report for the rehabilitation of the Büyükada Greek Orphanage complex. It was stated in the report that the rehabilitation process will take 4-5 years and the project requires a total investment of at least 40 million Euros.

Reaching the information that a coffee house in a business house in Alanya district of Antalya was turned into a casino, the police were caught red-handed in a raid, 2 of whom were foreign women, 6 suspects gambling and 16 people who were found to be gambling.

Nevada-based hotel and casino entertainment company Eldorado Resorts Inc, which operates 26 facilities in 12 states of the USA, owns and operates over 50 properties and seven golf courses under several brands, gaming hotel and casino company Caesars Entertainment Corporation for $ 17.3 billion. will buy.

About the murder of businessman Ali Rıza Gültekin, who was killed in a flat turned into a casino in Beşiktaş, 20 people, 4 of them women, were referred to the courthouse. It was learned that a gambling gang was also discovered with a joint operation by the Organized Branch Office and the Public Security Branch Directorate.

Businessman killed in a flat converted into a casino in Beşiktaş

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